Location based services for the support of law-enforcement activities on the water.

Aquatrack is an integrated monitor and report system installed along the main waterways and seaports all over Europe. It provides realtime location based services from a network of dedicated AIS remote receiving stations and a detailed overview of vessels in the vicinity of the control officer at the water. It shows ship symbols on a map displaying not only obvious matters as ship name, speed and direction but also a qualification about operational aspects based on the findings of previous inspections. This happens in coloured "aura's" surrounding the symbols related to a broad spectrum of operational interests like general enforcement, environmental perpectives and combating crime.

Aquatrack is developed on behalf of AQUAPOL, a network organisation of European water police and related law enforcement agencies. In its proffesional carreer the technical segment was designed by the holder of this website as a proof of concept. The first idea for the concept arose in 2013 and in the years that followed it was actually put into practice. With the transfer to France, all involvement of the inventor has lapsed and the information here is limited to just some generalities and a few technical glimpses. The official website can be visited at

The nul-series of the remote receiving station was an assembly of an OEM AIS-receiver, a small Linux computer board, a GPS/G3-chip fitted together in an aluminium box.

Ultimately, several variants were derived from culminating in experimental designs with dedicated AIS-frontend and integrated ARM controllers for digital signal processing, information and communication handling.

The central webserver of the system was based on ASP.NET/MVC (and later.NET Core) with OpenLayers for map presentation. All the software development was made in-house. The same goes for all of the hardware design, electronic engineering, CAD/CAM art-work, PCB assembly and the final production of prototypes and nul-series!

As stated before, the forementioned founder and holder of this website has no longer involment nor any commercial interest in Aquatrack, AIS or aequipment derived from it. This webpage is just intended to keep honoring its name.


This website is published and hosted by Microflex, which was registered about 35 years ago but has been dormant since 2012. At this moment it is being considered whether activities in the area R&D and advice may eventually be taken up as a non-profit service. In view of the above and the fact that there are no commercial activities or any other participation in the trade, the name "Microflex" must not be seen as a trademark but a reference to a private initiative of the owner/holder who can be found on the contact page.


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